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Basking at the Sunset Beach Park Resort | Davao Information Site
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Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Resorts | 0 comments

Basking at the Sunset Beach Park Resort

It is summertime and the best antidote to the scorching heat of the sun is to bask and soak in the beach.  That is just what we did today.

Sunset Beach Resort , Samal Island, Beach resort in Samal

Sunset Beach Resort on a lovely day

Our boss in the office initiated for a summer beach outing.  Yet, we are scarce with budget and so, another office mate suggested that we’ll go to Sunset Beach Park Resort because it is affordable there.

I have never been to the place.  We just ride a Public Utility Vehicle (PUJ) going to the barge wharf in Sasa, Davao city.  The wharf is very full with beach goers and I remember, it was a holiday since it is May 1, Labor day.  We write our names on the logbook and then waited for our ride in the barge.  When we arrived in Samal, we ride a tricycle and told the driver we are heading to Sunset Beach Resort.  When you are at the barge wharf in Samal island, Sunset Beach Resort is approximately 1-2 kilometers going left.

There were already many people when we arrived at the resort.  The place is nice in relation to the tariffs that they charge.  Charges like entrance fee, corkage are a lot cheaper compared to other beach resorts in the area.

The Place

The ambiance of the place is generally cool. It has many trees serving as shade when  the sun really gets hot.  There are a number of open cottages at the beach front and closed cottages are numerous as well for those who want to go overnight. I heard from friends that during night, the place gets really lively because there are fire dancers and there is also a live band. I have not experienced it myself though because we went home in the afternoon.

Sunset beach Resort - Samal Island

Kids are having fun at Sunset beach Park and Resort


Sunset beach Resort - Samal Island

Open cottages near the beach


Sunset beach resort, grilling area, Samal island

Grilling area at Sunset Beach resort


Sunset beach resort - Samal island, Souviner store

Souvenir Store


Sunset beach resort, closed cottage

Closed cottage – non air conditioned


Sunset beach resort, Samal island, cottage

Air conditioned closed cottage at Sunset Beach Resort


sunset beach resort, jet ski, Samal Island, Samal beach resort

jet ski for rent




Entrance fee

Php20.oo +Php5.00 (environmental fee)=Php25.00 / Php35.00 – for overnight

Child – Php10.00 / Php15.00 – for overnight


Open cottage – Php250.00 / Php300.00 -for overnight

Closed cottage – (non-aircon) – Php800.00 / Php800.00 – for overnight

Closed cottage (air-con) – Php1500.00 – good for 2 persons, maximum of 5.  Excess persons will be charged  100 Pesos each

Function hall – Php2500.00 / Php3,000.00 – for overnight


Softdrinks and liquor

1 case softdrinks – Php50.00 / Php10.00 per bottle

1 case SMB or SML – Php50.00

Long neck – Php50.00 / Php20.00 per 500ml

Jet Wave Sports

When you are at Sunset Beach Resort, you can enjoy water sports.  You may rent a jet ski or ride a banana boat and have fun under the sun.

Rental fees:

1 hour jet ski rental – Php3,500.00

1/2 hour jet ski rental – Php2,500.00

15 minutes – banana boat – Php300.00 per person – minimum of 5 persons

Jet ski rental contact number ->0942-399-8853


The place is huge and it has a function hall.  There are tenants or renters in the place like a store and a bar.  There is also a souvenir shop.  When we were there, there’s a henna tattoo station for those who want to have it.

Generally, the place is all right, having an affordable price and good ambiance.  However,  the number of CR and baths cannot accommodate all of their clients when the place gets full, given their huge area.  It would be also nice if there are faucets/ lavatory that will be strategically located so that beach goers do not have to walk far just to wash hands and plates.  Other than those concerns, the place is really awesome.

(Disclaimer: all prices reflected above are based on our visit.  It is provided as a baseline information or a reference point.  It is a fact that prices change from time to time.  So if you want to visit their place, contact them thru telephone numbers given below to get accurate prices on the time of your visit.)


Sunset Beach Park Resort

Kinawitnon, Babak


Contact #:09302902464

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