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Davao Information Site http://davaoinfosite.com useful information about Davao City Wed, 09 Nov 2016 22:58:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.5 Low Cost Housing in Davao City http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-low-cost-housing/low-cost-housing-in-davao-city http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-low-cost-housing/low-cost-housing-in-davao-city#respond Wed, 09 Nov 2016 22:58:35 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3277 If you have plans to live here in Davao City, and is looking to buy an affordable house for your family. Visit this website RealEstateInDavao.com. Real Estate In Davao is your online portal for real estate properties in Davao City, Philippines – house and lot, condominiums, Davao lots, subdivision houses, houses for sale.

You can visit its page about Low Cost Housing to find the subdivision of your choosing. Below are the list of low cost housing in Davao City.

  • Amorsolo Homes – Mintal
  • Apo Highlands Subdivision
  • Cambidge Heights – Malagamot
  • CrestView Homes – Mintal
  • Deca Homes Catalunan Grande
  • Deca Homes Indangan
  • Deca Homes Tigatto
  • Deca Homes Toril
  • Elenita Height|Park Villas – Mintal
  • Granville Subdivision
  • Granville III – Catalunan Pequeño
  • Greenwoods Subdivision – Mintal
  • Las Casas De Maria – Indangan
  • Lumina Homes – Panabo
  • Villa Sofia
  • Plantacion Subdivision – Mandug
  • Portville – Sasa
  • The Prestige Subdivision – Cabantian
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Kadayawan sa Davao 2016 Activities http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/kadayawan-sa-davao-2016-activities http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/kadayawan-sa-davao-2016-activities#respond Tue, 09 Aug 2016 05:45:29 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3264 One of the most anticipated events in Davao City is the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival.  It is a celebration of thanks giving for the abundant blessings bestowed to the people of Davao.  It is celebrated in the 3rd week of August, just in time when harvest of fruits are abundant.

Recently, plenty of Davao fruits can be seen in sidewalks and streets as well as markets of Davao City.  This goes to show that these various fruits like durian, magosteen, marang, rambutan area laready in season, just in time for the Kadayawan festivities.

Below is the schedule of activities for the celebration of Kadayawan 2016.


Have fun everyone!


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Kadayawan sa Davao 2015 Schedule of Activities http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/kadayawan-sa-davao-2015-schedule-of-activities http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/kadayawan-sa-davao-2015-schedule-of-activities#respond Tue, 04 Aug 2015 07:14:45 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3247 We are already in the month of August.  Abundant fruits like durian, rambutan and others are noticeable in the side streets of Davao City.  The king of Festivals will be celebrated in just few sleeps away.

Here is the schedule of activities for the Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2015 (Davao Kadayawan Festival 2015).


Kadayawan Festival, Davao City, Davao Festival, Davao Events, Davao Holidays, Davao City Information, Davaoinfosite.com

Kadayawan Festival 2015 – Schedule of Activities

photo credit: Davao Tourism

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Nutrition Month Costume Contest at NCCC Mall of Davao http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/nutrition-month-costume-contest-at-nccc-mall-of-davao http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/nutrition-month-costume-contest-at-nccc-mall-of-davao#respond Tue, 14 Jul 2015 01:43:03 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3241 July is the Nutrition Month celebration.   NCCC Mall of Davao invites you to a Nutrition Month Costume Contest which will be held on July 25, 2015 at 2:00 PM, Kadayawan Hall.  Let your kids dazzle in their fruit and veggie attire and win prizes.

Nutrition Month Costume Contest, NCCC Mall of Davao, Davao Information, Davao Information Site, DavaoInfosite.com

photo credit: NCCC Mall of Davao

This contest is open to all public and private schools offering Preschool, Nursery,  Kindergarten, and Grade School (1&2) in Davao City.

Here’s how to join:

1. Submit a duly filled-out registration form.

2. Attach photocopy of the student’s school ID.

3. Secure certification from School Principal.

Please take note that the school which has the most number of students in costume will get Php8,000.  Have fun everyone!



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Jollibee Opens Its Doors in Cabantian, Davao City http://davaoinfosite.com/restaurant/jollibee-opens-its-doors-in-cabantian-davao-city http://davaoinfosite.com/restaurant/jollibee-opens-its-doors-in-cabantian-davao-city#respond Fri, 03 Jul 2015 03:20:01 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3226 The food giant Jolibbee opened its new branch in Cabantian, Buhangin Davao City.  It serves to the plentiful of people living around the vicinity in Cabantian area.

Cabantian has been growing rapidly recently.  Lots of establishments are now available in the area like department stores such as NCCC Department Store, HB1, hardware, convenience store and others.

Davao Information Site, Davao Information, Davaoinfosite.com, Davao Food Chains, Restaurants in Cabantian, Davao City, REstaurants in Davao

Jollibee Cabantian, Buhangin, Davao City


Davao Information Site, Davao Information, Davaoinfosite.com, Davao Food Chains, Restaurants in Cabantian, Davao City, REstaurants in Davao

Jollibee Cabantian




If you are planning to acquire a property and you happen to love Cabantian-Indangan area, here are subdivision projects that you can avail now:

The Prestige Subdivision – it consist of affordable and low-cost housing as well as mid-cost house and lot packages for sale.

Las Casas de Maria Subdivision– this is located in Indangan, the newest addition to the many subdivision projects along Cabantian-Indangan road. It offers affordable and low-cost housing.  Avail now while it is still on its initial offering price.

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March 16, 2015 A Special Non Working Holiday in Davao City http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-news/march-16-2015-a-special-non-working-holiday-in-davao-city http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-news/march-16-2015-a-special-non-working-holiday-in-davao-city#respond Tue, 10 Mar 2015 03:06:23 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3217 In connection with the 78th Araw ng Dabaw celebration, March 16, 2014 is declared a special non-working holiday, by virtue of the Republic Act 7685.

Araw Ng Dabaw

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78th Araw ng Dabaw Schedule of Activities http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/78th-araw-ng-dabaw-schedule-activities http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/78th-araw-ng-dabaw-schedule-activities#respond Tue, 10 Mar 2015 02:59:53 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3214 Festive atmosphere can be felt once again in Davao City.  Fruits are also a plenty.  Araw ng Dabaw celebration is fast approaching.  It is celebrated every 16th of March.

Here is the schedule of activities for the 78th Araw ng Davao.

78th Araw ng Dabaw, Davao celebrationsHave gun guys!

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Tourist Spots to Visit in Baguio City, Philippines http://davaoinfosite.com/travels-beyond-davao-city/tourist-spots-to-visit-in-baguio-city-philippines http://davaoinfosite.com/travels-beyond-davao-city/tourist-spots-to-visit-in-baguio-city-philippines#respond Mon, 02 Feb 2015 07:12:52 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3206 Baguio City is one of the most visited places in the Philippines.  Foreigners and locals  love this place because  of its chilly weather, abundance of fresh veggies, not to mention numerous tourist spots that you can visit and marvel upon.

Dubbed as “The City of Pines” and “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio City is a 5-8 hours bus ride going north from Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Here is a list of tourist spots that you must visit when going to Baguio City:

1. Strawberry Farm – located in Trinidad, Benguet, the Strawberry farms is a must-see.  It is preferable to visit the farm in the morning because there are not so much people yet, thus making you free from roaming around, enjoying the scenery around you.

2. Bell Church – the bell church has features that are just like any other Chinese Temple but what makes visiting Bell church special is its elevated location which affords you beautiful vista of Baguio City and its wonderful houses erected on the sides of the mountains.

3.  Tam-awan Village – this site enables you to see the houses of the native people who lived in Baguio.  It has gardens, lush greens and flowers that are abundant in Baguio City.  It has an entrance fee of P50.00 .  The village is a replica of the typical village of inhabitants of Baguio in olden times.  It has a restaurant for the hungry tourists and the replica houses can even  be rented out for your stay in Baguio City.

4. Lourdes Grotto – is a place of prayer and meditation in the City of Baguio.  You can climb up to the grotto through is 252 step stairs or if you have a vehicle, you may go through a steep and winding road going up.  Reaching at top gives you the opportunity to have a beautiful vantage point of the city.

5.  Mines View Park – is gives you a beautiful look of the Mining area in Baguio City.  The place has plenty of souvenir  shops and booths that sell foods.  It also has  place where you can rent pieces of dress you can wear on and take a photo for a souvenir.

6. PMA – a place where you can have a glimpse of the life of the students in the PMA.  It is a vast place planted with many pine trees.  In the morning, you can see cadets lining doing their drills and on the field, you can see then train like combatants.

7. Camp John Hay  – is a park where there is an eco-trail.  You may also visit their butterfly sanctuary and take photos of choreographed poses courtesy of the one in charge at the place.

8. Botanical Garden – a man-made garden containing plants endemic in Baguio.  The place is just near the Wright Park.

9. Wright Park – is just across The Mansion.  If you love horseback riding, then go to this place.

10. The Mansion – is the place where the president of the Philippines stay when he goes to Baguio.  It has well-manicured surroundings with verdant flowers and lush greens.

11.  The Catholic Cathedral Church – is a lovely church situated in an elevated area where you can enjoy the beautiful views surrounding Baguio.

12.  Burnham Park – a huge park that is located just in the downtown Baguio.  You can do boating, biking and just enjoy the place.

Touring around Baguio is fun because it has a chilly weather.  Even if you are out and about, you will not feel the scorching heat of the sun.  It is nice to note that the tourist spots in Baguio are not really that far from the city center.  To save time, it is preferable to just hire a taxi because taxi tariffs in Baguio is really cheap.  I think this is due to the fact that they don’t need airconditioner since the place is already  chilly. It is also noteworthy that taxi drivers in Baguio are honest and do not fool you around (in our experience).

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Tokyo Tokyo Now Open at SM City Davao http://davaoinfosite.com/restaurant/tokyo-tokyo-now-open-at-sm-city-davao http://davaoinfosite.com/restaurant/tokyo-tokyo-now-open-at-sm-city-davao#respond Tue, 16 Dec 2014 02:44:37 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3194 First established in 1985, the Philippine’s number one Japanese fast food restaurant Tokyo Tokyo is now serving Japanese goodness at SM City Davao.

For the past years, Tokyo Tokyo has become synonymous with quality and affordable meals. It has also become a household name with over 60 branches in Metro Manila and highly urbanized cities outside Luzon.

Prawn Tempura Bento. Try a complete meal, Tokyo Tokyo Davao, Davao Information Site, Davao Restaurants, SM City Davao

Prawn Tempura Bento. Try a complete meal.


Tokyo Tokyo Davao, Davao Restaurants, Sm City Davao

The secret ingredient is always cheese. Try the Cheese Tonkatsu Bento.


Tokyo Tokyo Davao, Davao Restaurants, Sm City Davao

picy Beef Maki—an ensemble of beef carefully prepared with a layer of Japanese rice with nori.

Sink your teeth in their bestsellers – Pork Tonkatsu, Shrimp tempura, Beef Misono, and enjoy their signature Red Iced Tea. Tokyo Tokyo’s Sumo Meals and Sumo Remix Meals are big enough for sharing at very reasonable prices. Experience a Japanese gastronomic treat with their yakisoba, Japanese style potato balls, miso soup and kani corn soup. The restaurant also offers different types of sushi. Other favorites include beef teriyaki, squid ika fry and prawn tempura.

Visit Tokyo Tokyo at the Ground Floor of SM City Davao Main Mall.

http://davaoinfosite.com/restaurant/tokyo-tokyo-now-open-at-sm-city-davao/feed 0
Monster Fun Fest at NCCC Mall Davao on October 25, 2014 http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/monster-fun-fest-at-nccc-mall-davao-on-october-25-2014 http://davaoinfosite.com/davao-events/monster-fun-fest-at-nccc-mall-davao-on-october-25-2014#respond Tue, 14 Oct 2014 02:20:54 +0000 http://davaoinfosite.com/?p=3176 Let the monster shine! Get ready with your cool outfit for the Monster Fun Fest which will be held in NCCC Mall of Davao this coming October 25, 2014 at 9-6pm.  For momsies out there, let your kids wear their happiest and most colorful costume and get a chance to win the grand prize of P5,000!  Registration will start on September 25 – October 25, 2014.

Davao Information Site, Davaoinfosite.com, Costume contest, NCCC Mall Davao, Monster Fun Fest at NCCC Mall Davao

NCCC Mall Davao Monster Fun Fest (photo credit: NCCC Mall Davao)

Have fun everyone!

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