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Davao City,, Davao Information Site


Davao Information Site provides crisp and fresh, first-hand information about Davao City, the beautiful and premiere city situated in the southern part of the Philippines.

Are you planning to go to Davao City? Are you looking for a genuine Davao City information? Did you just move to Davao City and need information in getting around? Are you planning for a vacation, an escapade or a visit to a relative in Davao City? Or do you simply want to learn about the beautiful city of Davao?

Davao Information Site will provide you useful information about Davao City,  one of the most livable cities of  the Philippines and in Asia.  The authors of this  site reside in Davao City therefore, we will be giving you genuine, first-hand, practical information about Davao City coming mostly from our personal experiences and adventures as residents in the City.

We will provide you comprehensive Davao  information on the following:

General Information about Davao City

Where is Davao City Located

History of Davao City

Davao Weather

Davao Visa

Davao Currency

Davao Culture

Holidays in Davao

Davao City Economy

Davao City Entertainment

Davao City Sightseeing

Shopping in Davao

Restaurants in Davao City


Davao Flights

Sports in Davao

Popular Areas

Davao Hotels

Davao Properties

Davao Jobs

Our goal in this site is to provide you relevant and practical information about Davao City and we will strive to do our best to make it comprehensive so you will get the Davao information you needed.

Welcome once again and we hope you find the information on this site valuable and helpful.